Vision & Values


  • To be amongst the Top 3 lubricant brands in India
  • Provide world-class lubrication products and solutions, allied automotive related products and services to our customers
  • We will strive to ensure that we continuously add value to all our stakeholders


Gulf, as a brand, has always been at the forefront of technology and service. It remains so and much of this is down to the human touch that Gulf brings with it. Throughout its history this has shown itself in various ways, but none more so in the way in which Gulf goes about developing its business. Gulf pays attention to its customers, seeking to provide them with a widening range of products and services that are in tune with their needs. Underpinning all of its activities are Gulf's three core values: Quality, Endurance and Passion.


Quality stands for Gulf's excellent customer service, reliability and technologically innovative products. Gulf has always had a commitment to ensuring that the quality of products and services remains high. There are strict quality control and management processes put in place to ensure that products that display the Gulf brand are consistently of the highest quality. It is also demonstrated in the high standard of service and care that is offered to its customers. Gulf's work with all of the leading vehicle manufacturers to provide comprehensive set of OEM approvals, Gulf products exceeding latest industry standards (API ACEA etc), ISO accredited blending plants, technical partnerships with prestigious racing teams etc are some of the examples that demonstrates Gulf's commitment to Quality.


Endurance and the Gulf brand go hand in hand, more than any other brand in the industry. Gulf is proud to be one of the original “seven sister” oil brands and its visual identity (logo), is so strong that it has remained the same over the past 50 years. The brand’s successful journey over 100 years itself exhibits its endurance value. This also transmits to its product and services, which are designed to perform consistently for longer than competition. Extended drain interval products (such as Gulf Superfleet Le Dura Max) act as a tangible endurance-focused benefit that motorist receives from Gulf products. Its participation in the Endurance motor racing over the course of more than half a century has consistently showcased the long lasting ability of its products. It has built such a strong association that its light blue and orange livery is known as “Gulf Racing Colors”.


Passion is at the heart of Gulf brand and makes it what it is today. It is the differentiating factor for the brand and symbolizes the energy and vitality that the brand exudes. Gulf people are passionate; they are dedicated and driven with a determination to do what it takes to get the results. This winning mentality mixed with flexibility and a genuine commitment to go the extra mile, is what sets the brand, its people and products apart. The emotive identity that the brand enjoys has led to numerous agreements with high profile lifestyle brands who look to leverage this. The Gulf logo and racing livery is so iconic and valued that a large number of Gulf enthusiasts exhibit their passion by adoring a variety of vehicles and objects with them.