The Great Escape

Gulf Oil, keeping in line with its brand values of Quality, Endurance and Passion,has associated itself with being a sponsor of The Great Escape, Mahindra Adventure

The Great Escape delves into the true spirit of off-roading by bringing the contestants into a competitive environment across the entire stretch of India, which is tucked far away from the crowded city life and in muddy terrains. Exebuerating the endurance quotient of Gulf Oil, the race is divided into 3 broad categories:

  1. 2WD trail drive, for those who wanted to spend a morning enjoying the countryside.
  2. 4WD trail drive, for the more adventurous 4×4 owners and the trophy challenge.
  3. A competitive event for the enthusiastic off-road nut

After a sumptuous breakfast and a quick briefing, the participants are flagged off by Gulf Oil for the 2WD trail drive and the 13 Mahindra 4×4 SUVs registered for the 4WD trail drive. The participants traverse through the naturally rugged property, paving a path through the forest tackling inclines and descend along the way. On the other hand, the 8 vehicles for the trophy challenge (both modified and stock) tackle four specially designed obstacles.

It is here that the Gulf Branded Car kicks up dust by helping the participants to battle out through sand, tackle steep inclines and descend, crawl over rocks and drive on sand through the river bed.

To catch Gulf in action at the The Great Escape, follow the races at:

  1. Lonavala – 1st July
  2. Ahmedabad – 9th July
  3. Goa – 5th August
  4. Sakleshpur – 20th August
  5. Dehradun – 2nd September
  6. Wayanad – 10th September
  7. Hyderabad – 29th October
  8. Chandigarh – 4th November
  9. Bhopal – 12th  November
  10. Shillong – 18th  November


4 winner from each race will battle it out with other participants from different regional events in the grand finale of the Mahindra Adventure Trophy Challenge at the Mahindra’s Off-road Academy at Igatpuri.