Work Culture


Quality, Endurance and Passion

Gulf's three core values of Quality, Endurance and Passion are the foundation of its culture and the basis of our operational mode.

Our values are the foundation of our culture and the basis of our operational mode. We're proud to have a culture that brings out the best in individuals and encourages them to pursue excellence. We build strong relationships that embrace different points of view – helping us harness the diversity of our people to create the best results.

Our biggest strength is our people. Their hard work, passion and relentless pursuit for excellence have made the brand that we know today. Hence we continuously drive towards managing the employee's career and growth aspirations and believe in building employee equity, right through their association with the company.

We ensure that the required lubrication for accelerating your career path is in place. However, the master control lies in your hand – your appetite for growth, performance and the decisions you make. An excellent work-life balance, empowerment, cross functional exposure through various assignments and Industry benchmark compensation is the least that you can expect here. We take pride that today our company draws upon the best talent in the Industry.