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Gulf Eskimo

Gulf Eskimo

Gulf Eskimo series are high performance naphthenic refrigeration compressor oils specially designed to meet the stringent requirements of major refrigeration compressor manufacturers. These oils are formulated with severely hydro treated naphthenic base oils to provide excellent protection against oxidation degradation, rust & corrosion and foaming & entrained air. These oils are specifically designed for refrigeration systems using non-hydroflurocarbon refrigerants such as R-11, R-12, R-13B1 R-22, R-113, R- 500, R-501, R-502, R-717 (Ammonia - NH3), etc. These oils exceed the performance requirements of DIN 51503 KAA, KC and KE and ISO 6743-3:2003 L-DRA, L-DRE and L-DRG.

Viscosity Grades

  • 32

  • 46

  • 68

  • 100


• Large Industrial reciprocating and rotary refrigeration compressors.
• Suitable for use with most non-hydroflourocarbon refrigerant gases like R-11, R-12, R-13B1 R-22, R-113, R-500, R-501, R-502, R-717 (Ammonia - NH3), CO2, etc compressors of Carrier, Copeland, Kelvinator, Sabroe, Tecumseh make among others where such quality oils are recommended.
• Marine refrigeration applications like food freezing and cold storage plants
• Also used in circulating oil systems, plain and rolling element bearings, etc
NOTE : These oils are NOT recommended for use with HFC refrigerants such as R-134a.


DIN 51503 KAA, KC and KE; ISO 6743-3:2003 L-DRA, L-DRE and L-DRG