Vision & Values

We may have set the standards with our 100-year strong legacy in the fuel and lubricant sector, but we still maintain the youthful and fresh approach of a trailblazing brand

We go the extra mile to inspire loyalty and trust, and as the world progresses, we are flexible and driven to adapt and outperform.

We intend our ambitions to drive us to achieve the following by 2020:

  • Be recognised as a top 10 global downstream company – for value, volumes, earnings and brand recognition.
  • Grow by implementation of meaningful customer value propositions, combined with innovative product development and technical solutions.
  • Double our manufacturing, marketing and sales.
  • Enhance the development of Gulf¹s branded fuel station network, from its origins in 5 countries to more than 60.

We aim to achieve this with flexibility, reliability and responsiveness, while firmly maintaining the priority of our customers.

We strive to nurture the passion of our workforce and grow the talent in the Gulf Businesses. We ensure Social Responsibility, both to society and the world.

We provide our clients the highest quality products and services by constantly focusing on our three core values: Quality, Endurance and Passion.