Green Initiatives


Green Initiative taken by Gulf Oil Lubricants India Limited (“the Company”), it is proposed to send periodic communications including Notice of AGM and other General Meeting and explanatory statement(s) thereto, Balance Sheets, Director’s Reports, Auditor’s Reports etc. through email to those shareholders whose e-mails are registered with the Company or its Registrar and Share Transfer Agent, instead of sending the hard copies thereof. The Company would also display full text of these documents on its website as soon as they are issued.


This will benefit the shareholders as follows:

  • Timely receipt of annual reports, and other communications
  • No loss of documents in transit
  • Receiving all information and communications even, if address is changed and while travelling


To receive all communications by e-mail:

  • Holders of shares in physical form are requested to fill up the e-mail registration form , duly signed, & send it by post or forward scanned copy by e mail to with cc to
  • Members holding shares in dematerialised form may register the e-mails with the Company or the Depository Participant (DP)


However, in case you wish to receive a hard copy/physical copy of any the above communications/documents, the Company undertakes to provide the same free of cost to you. All you need to do is send in your request on with cc to


Kindly note, in case, the Company does not receive any communication from your end on or before 30 June 2017, all the communication/documents shall be sent to you at the email address already registered with us, if any. In case of shareholders whose email ids are not registered with the Company, the hard copies of the Annual Reports and other related documents shall be sent to them.