Gulf Pride VRLA range of Motor Cycle Batteries has been specially designed for the new generation of two wheelers. These sealed and ready-to-use advanced VRLA (Valve Regulated Lead Acid) batteries are maintenance free, as they don’t require the use of distilled water during its life.

With an advanced Valve Regulated design, the batteries are manufactured with Innovative Gas Recombinant & Absorbent Glass Mat Separator (AGM) Technology. The former helps batteries deliver instant power the moment cranking takes place, while the latter facilitates liquid-free operation, making the battery leak-proof. Additionally, Sulphate Resistance Technology (SRT) on the lead plates helps the batteries last longer.


  • Maintenance-Free Battery: Innovative Gas Recombinant with Valve Regulated Design Technology prevents electrolytes from escaping the cells. Since there’s no reduction in electrolyte, it doesn’t require distilled water during its life.
  • Advanced Lead Calcium Alloy: Advanced Lead Calcium Alloy on the plates reduces corrosion significantly, enhancing its service life and offering superior start-up efficiency
  • Liquid-Free AGM separator: The battery is leak-proof as the electrolyte is in an absorbed condition, and not in free liquid state on specially made AGM Separator.
  • ABS Case: ABS material provides better heat and electrical insulation compared to normal/conventional battery containers (PP).
  • COS (Cast on Strap): Ensures rigid holding of plates inside the battery, helping withstand extreme vibrations from the vehicle during its usage.
  • Advanced Sulfate Resistance Technology:This technology ensures longer battery life (usage/storage), as they can now drastically reduce self-discharge rate.