History of Gulf Oil

With a rich heritage of 100 years, the Gulf brand enjoys global recognition and has won the trust of millions.

Our journey began in 1913, with the launch of the first-ever branded petrol station in Pittsburgh, USA. We have paved the way into the fuel retail sector ever since, pioneering innovations, breakthrough technologies, high quality products and services.

Our endeavours towards excellence led to the development of other sites, branded with the distinctive orange disc that still forms part of the Gulf logo today. Gulf’s iconic and distinctive orange disc logo is now synonymous with innovation, superior products and technical excellence.

During the 1960s, the Gulf brand created high profile marketing campaigns, which included the sponsorship of the Apollo moon landings. Today, the brand enjoys partnerships with several renowned brands and esteemed associations the world over.

Gulf Oil has established its presence in over 25 countries for both fuel retailing and lubricants, with a worldwide coverage for lubricant sales. We aspire to cover 60 countries by 2020.


Spindletop: The Beginning


Gulf Launches the world's first ever water drilling operation


Innovative Thinking

Gulf introduces the first drive through fuel station


Gulf purchases the Barco oil concession


Gulf sells the Barco concession to Texaco


Venezuela Adventure

Gulf establishes a presence in the oil fields of Venezuela



Gulf reaches peak production, processing 1.3m barrels daily


The Man at Le Mans

Steve McQueen’s movie ‘Le Mans’ brings prestige to the brand


Gulf Supporting Porsche

Gulf sponsors Porsche Racing, and becomes synonymous with racing


The Hinduja Group

The Hinduja Group buy Gulf to form what becomes Gulf Oil International


Slippery when wet

Gulf Oil Marine is established, growing rapidly to become one of the top 6 Marine lubricant companies, servicing more than 1000 ports worldwide.

December 2012


Gulf acquires the world’s largest metalworking fluids manufacturer, US-based Houghton International.